Jimmy Page Les Paul 2 Review

The Jimmy Page Les Paul No. 2 has at last landed at DV central and needless to say it has caused an outbreak of mild hysteria among all guitar playing staff. Even if you don’t like the shaved neck and the low fret job, the sound of this baby is simply awesome, and that’s not a word I ever use. There are so many tonal combinations to work with by exploring all the series/parallel and split coil options that the lucky owner is going to be more than rewarded with a tone palette simply not available on a regular Les Paul.

Before we get into the admittedly complex wiring on this guitar and the sounds it’s capable of producing, an overview of the looks and feel of the No. 2 is in order. The top on our review sample has quite a subtle and undefined flame, a bit ‘smudgy’ if you will, and the colour has a faded ‘burst amber look to it. Of course, Gibson is replicating how the guitar is now, not how it was when Page aquired it over 35 years ago, so comparing this guitar with old pictures to try and match the colour is a bit futile.

Like the No. 1 Page, this instrument has the ‘shaved’ neck, although it’s not as radical a job as the first one. Unlike the No.1 , the modification is a lot more even and the neck has a similar thickness all the way up to the heel. It’s thinner than a current R0 and although feels rather strange at first, makes for a very easy ride all the way along. The frets are low but nicely rolled at the edges and very smooth. The guitar comes set up with 9-42 guage strings which is odd, as Page is well known to use an 8-38 guage. A lot of Les Pauls had their tuners changed to Grovers in the 1970s, and this guitar has an authentic chrome set fitted.

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