Jimmy Page Les Paul Bridge

Jimmy Page Les Paul Parts Kit w/ Alpha 500K Audio Push/Pull Pots, Orange Drop Caps, Heavy Duty Switch & Switchcraft Jack. Upgrade your Les Paul or other Gibson style instrument with the switching features of the Jimmy Page Les Paul using the highest quality electronic parts available. Pots have 3/8″ long threaded shafts. Fits Epiphones and most other Gibson style guitars with standard 3/8″ length pots. Our Jimmy Page Style Les Paul Kit includes an easy to read wiring diagram and the following parts:


Alpha 500K Audio Taper pots with DPDT Push/Pull Switch(4)

  • Low capacitance carbon resistive element provides noise-free audio and long life.
  • Heavy duty construction provides a long, reliable performance life. Simply the best quality Push/Pull pot available!
  • Audio taper provides even and consistent volume and tone operation.
  • Standard 3/8 diameter threaded bushing fits directly in place of Gibson pots
  • Coarse spline split knurled shaft.
  • Includes friction washer, top washer & mounting nut.
  • Dimensions: Pot Diameter: 5/8″ Threaded Bushing Length: 3/8″ Shaft Spline Length: 3/8″ Mounting Hole Size: 3/8″ Body Depth: 1″ (including switch)

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