Jimmy Page les Paul number 1

Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown Cover Jimmy Page Les Paul. by jimmyace2006  Led Zeppelin Black Dog TSRTS cover on a 2004 Les Paul Jimmy Page #1 …. Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Number Two – Humbucker Vs. Split.This is the original run Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul, launched in 1995 and  ‘first-run’ Les Paul Jimmy Page Signature guitar has a nice fat nut width of just over 1 11/16…. He kept number 1, so there are theoretically 25 more out there.

Jimmy Page number 1

Having just issued the new Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul, an astonishing replica of the ’59 Sunburst he purchased in 1973, Page is now looking to find that creative spark by releasing fresh material.

“The most important thing for me right now is to make some new music,” he told Mojo magazine.

In the recent documentary It Might Get Loud, Page previewed two recent compositions, Embryo Number 1 and Embryo Number 2. Whether either of those cuts makes a finished Jimmy Page album remains to be seen.

Been a long time since…
And what about that white elephant in the room? That’s right, Led Zeppelin. With bassist John Paul Jones tied up for the forseeable future in Them Crooked Vultures, the possibility of a Zep reunion looks dimmer and dimmer.

In Page’s view, “You’d better ask Robert Plant what the future of Led Zeppelin is. Musicians can always play together but I don’t think you can go out with a band called Led Zeppelin if you haven’t got the original vocalist.”

Sounds as though he’s still be keen on getting the old gang back together.

Jimmy Page number 1 les Paul

Ooh, another Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul, and I still haven’t fulfilled in the form of the Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul On another note, I’m glad to know someone else lusts after that #1 Page model.Jimmy Page Guitar World Interview in 1998: “I still have it (referring to  Gibson Les Paul “No1“. Early History. Purchased from Joe Walsh for $500 in April 1969.The almost complete Jimmy Page guitar  Jimmy Page’s Signature Les Paul  fact that there is a number #2 guitar which is virtually identical to #1 and was built 

gibson les Paul Jimmy Page number One

Jimmy Page’s 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘Number One’ is one of the most iconic guitars in history. Dressed in the black dragon suit, cigarette dangling from the edge of his lips with ‘Number One’ slung low across his pelvis, chugging on the E7 chord riff to Whole Lotta Love is what most people think of when they think of Jimmy Page.

Page bought ‘Number One’ from guitarist Joe Walsh in mid-April 1969 for $1,200 and debuted it at the San Francisco shows at the end of the month. It soon took the place of the 1959 Fender Telecaster as his primary guitar on stage. In addition, Page used Number One in recording Led Zeppelin II. When Page received the guitar, the neck had been shaved to an elliptical profile (by Virgil Lay of Lay’s Guitars for Joe Walsh) and had already had several repairs, including the headstock, which made the serial number go missing.

The original Kluson machine tuners were replaced with gold Grovers on August 9, 1969, shortly before that night’s performance in Anaheim, California. By October 24, 1969, the white selector switch tip had gone missing and it had been temporarily fixed by November 4, 1969 by adding some gaffers tape. Also, around that time the chrome pickup cover had come off the bridge pickup, revealing a double-white PAF. By March 1971, a new pickup selector switch tip had replaced the gaffers tape. In November 1971, the jackplate had been rotated 45 degrees to resemble a diamond. Perhaps the output jack had been replaced.

Sometime after the 1972 Australian tour, the bridge pickup got replaced with a chrome-covered T-Top. By May 1973, the jackplate had been put back into the proper configuration. In 1975, the jackplate is broken again and gets held to the guitar body by sticky tape and is eventually fixed. On the 1977 tour, the jackplate once again is damaged and a piece of metal is crafted into a jackplate by laser operator, Steve Jander. This jackplate stayed on ‘Number One’ until 1985. In the early 1980s, the bridge pickup cover was removed, revealing a Seymour Duncan pickup. During The Firm’s first tour in 1984, Page experiments a new look by taking the pickguard off but returned it by 1985. By 1988, an aged pickup selector switch tip replaced the white one and (1) push-pull pot had replaced an original pot to allow for in-out phasing of the pickups. Since then, ‘Number One’ has remained untouched.

Asked in the late 70’s if much had been done to the guitar, when it was still being regularly gigged, Page said: “Yeah, it’s been resprayed, but that’s all gone now, it’s all chipped off.”Before Joe Walsh had sold the Les Paul to Page, he had already had it refinished

Although throughout the different decades, Page has relied on other guitars for different phases, such as the 1953 Fender Telecaster during the 1980s Roy Harper/Firm period and the Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 in the 1990s in the Page/Plant tours, he had returned to ‘Number One’. In a April 1998 Guitar Magazine interview, Page said, “An awful lot of Walking in Clarksdale was played on this guitar” (including Burning Up) Page used ‘Number One’ with a Digitech WH-1 Whammy Pedal for the second guitar solo in the title track Walking Into Clarksdale. Most recently, it had been used for nearly half of their set at the O2 Reunion Concert on December 10, 2007 and the encore performance with John Paul Jones at the Foo Fighters’ Wembley Stadium performance on June 7, 2008.

Gibson les Paul Jimmy Page number 1

The almost complete Jimmy Page guitar  Jimmy Page’s Signature Les Paul  At the time, Gibson’s west coast offices were based in a small industrial  that there is anumber #2 guitar which is virtually identical to #1 and was built in the other Here’s one of the last non-Custom Shop Les Paul Customs. …. This beautiful R9 (and only a limited number each year), get the aging treatment from  Jimmy Page letGibson inspect and take measurements of his legendary #1 1959 Les Paul.

Jimmy Page les Paul number One

At the heart of much of Page”s landmark work is his #1 Les Paul. The Custom Shop Jimmy Page signature model is based on exhaustive research on Jimmy’s actual guitar, and faithfully recreates all the unique features (including an elliptical neck profile and single push/pull pot for series parallel pickup switching) that make #1 the legendary instrument it is.

Custom Authentic Instrument Features Include:
Customized by the Custom Shop builders to look, play and feel like a vintage Les Paul

Page les Paul no 1

Sixty years on from the Gibson Les Paul’s debut in 1952, there are some Les  first Les Paul – Bernie Marsden, ex-Whitesnake, for one – but no one really  So Page’s Number 1 is hardly a “pristine” vintage Gibson Les Paul.Was Jimmy Page’s Les Paul that he got from Joe Walsh a ’58 or a ’59?  built a Les Paul for Jimmy Page replicated from his #1 (there was a #1 and a #2).  shaved-down neck profile and no serial number—from Joe Walsh.”After an extensive study with multiple sources and expert analysis: of Jimmy Page’sNumber One 1959 Gibson Les Paul which can be found 

Gibson les Paul Jimmy Page no. 1

New Gibson replicates Jimmy Page’s “Les Paul #1”

Gibson’s Custom, Art & Historic division introduces a Jimmy Page signature model that replicates the unique neck shape and custom electronics of Page’s favorite guitar. “Les Paul #1,” as the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer calls his personal guitar, is a 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul that he bought from Joe Walsh in the early 1970s.

The neck of Page’s guitar is thick at the nut and at the neck heel, like a typical 1959 Les Paul, but it tapers to a super-slim depth in the middle. It was that way when Page acquired it, and he hasn’t changed it. He did make two other modifications: He put a push/pull pot in the rear volume control that reverses the phase, in order to get a tone like Peter Green or B.B. King. And he replaced the original tuners with sealed, gold-plated Grovers to achieve the exact tuning and sensitivity of the Les Paul Custom he had been playing with Led Zeppelin.

The special Page ‘Burst finish is also unique to the new model, and the authentic look will be further enhanced on 150 Limited Edition Aged Jimmy Page Les Pauls with custom aging by renowned luthier Tom Murphy, followed by an unlimited run with the Custom Authentic treatment. The Jimmy Page Les Paul comes with a historic Les Paul case and custom care kit.

Page has a long affiliation with the Les Paul. His legendary hard rock riffs, first with the Yardbirds and later with Led Zeppelin, were a forerunner to the heavy metal genre, although he refused to be classified. He also wrote or co-wrote many of Zeppelin’s classic songs and produced their albums. The Yardbirds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992, while Led Zeppelin was honored in 1995.

Jimmy Page no 1 les Paul

Jimmy Page’s Number One Gibson Les Paul  of Les Pauls, and hisLes Paul of choice, his “Number One” as he refers to is as, …. 1. Django Reinhardt’s Selmer Modele Jazz Guitar. Jimmy Page’s Fender “Dragon” Telecaster.Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul is a replica of Jimmy Page‘s main  It was copied off Jimmy Page‘s “number one”, a sunburst finished ’59 LP Standard.

Jimmy Page number Two

The Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul is equipped with a pair of humbucking pickups, a covered Gibson Custom Bucker in the neck (rhythm) position and an uncovered Page Version 2 in the bridge (lead) position, both of which are wax potted to enable them to withstand high-gain playing without succumbing to annoying microphonic feedback. The designs of these two pickups have been chosen to accurately replicate the pickups in Jimmy Page’s own 1959 Les Paul, and the final results have been tested and approved by him.Magnet Material
The Custom Bucker contains an Alnico III magnet for a smooth yet well-defined response, while the Page Version 2 contains an Alnico V magnet for added punch and clarity. Toggle Switch
The Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul features the classic three-way Switchcraft toggle switch with vintage plastic tip.Output Jack
The guitar features a 1⁄4” output jack made by Switchcraft, for years of trouble-free service. Bridge Pickup Volume Control
Pulling this knob out switches the bridge pickup’s coils from series (standard) to parallel. Bridge Pickup Tone Control
Pulling this knob out switches the bridge pickup from humbucking to single coil. Neck Pickup Volume Control
Pulling this knob out switches the neck pickup’s coils from series (standard) to parallel. Neck Pickup Tone Control
Pulling this knob out switches the neck pickup from humbucking to single coil. Pickguard-Mounted Push-Pull Switches
The two push-button DPDT switches mounted beneath the pickguard provide universal switching functions, regardless of the positions of the push-pull pots. With the switch mounted toward the bridge-end of the pickguard in the out position, the bridge pickup’s phase is reversed. With the switch mounted toward the neck-end of the pickguard in the out position, both pickups are wired in series and out of phase. With both switches out, both pickups are in series and in phase. Tonal Characteristics
The Custom Bucker in the neck position offers deep, vocal tones with outstanding warmth and richness; the Page Version 2 in the bridge position yields more sizzle and aggression, and a biting, cutting tone for brighter lead work. Between them, they provided the classic blend of Les Paul thickness and clarity. Modified through the custom switching arrangement (see below) on the Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul, however, the sky’s the limit.