Jimmy Page Les Paul Copy

The Jimmy Page #1 les Paul was bought from Joe Walsh in April of 1969. The guitar was just a typical Les Paul with PAFs. One of the unique feature was a shaved neck neck. The neck of Page’s guitar is thick at the nut and at the neck heel, like a typical 59 Les Paul, but it tapers to a super-slim depth in the middle. There was no serial number on the guitar, most likely from the refinishing of the neck after it was shave.


Some say the guitar is from a mid to late 59 Les Paul, not so much of a chance of it being an early 60. First of all it was loaded with double white PAF’s which the bridge was uncovered in 69. You could on find white PAFs on 59’s and 60’s Les Paul’s. On top of that, when he got that Les Paul the jack plate seemed to be a series 2 jack plate. The series 2 were used on 59’s and 60’. Gibson stated it’s a ’59 due to measurements they took when replicating the guitar.

 The white PAF is replaced with a double black T-Top after the Australian tour in 1972. Many people agree that the T-Top changed his “middle position” tone some. It now had a subtle quack to it if you will, a little more than before. Some like to claim it was out of phase, it’s not. Just had natural quack which is certainly a characteristic of a T-Top.


When T-tops were made back then they didn’t make neck and bridge versions. They were all the same and Gibson just took them out of box and used them in both positions. Back then it wasn’t like it is today where pickup makers label their pickups ‘neck’ or ‘bridge’…… They were all the same. And Jimmy Page does not use a T-top in the neck position of his #1 Les Paul. He has the original 1959 PAF in the neck position.


From 1972 and after he used a T-top in the bridge position only.  If you are looking for Jimmy Page’s 1973 tone, “like some of us” You would want a T-top in the bridge position and a replica copy of a PAF in the neck position or a real PAF better. It will tend to make the middle position setting a bit more quacky and unusual sounding like Page’s……

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