Jimmy Page Les Paul Gibson Guitar

But not being a millionaire it’s not a Gibson, but an Edwards. Edwards are a part of ESP in Japan and their guitars are designed to emulate Gibson Les Pauls as close as possible. Of course Gibson doesn’t allow this, so they are only sold in Japan where different copyright laws apply (like non-existing it seems?).

I’ve been longing for a Les Paul for a while now to get that woody, throaty tone. I realized all the music I love is played on Gibson Les Paul, so it’s no wonder I’ve been wanting one.

My first thought on entering the guitarshop was to try a Hagström which has come out with a couple of models made in Europe which seem to be great value for the money, but I didn’t like them at all. So the salesman turned med on to a used Edwards instead and it’s perfect in every single way. Ok, maybe the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge is a bit to hot and trebly, but that’s an easy fix. They were able to sell the guitar because it’s used.

What about the Gibsons? All of the ones I tried could have been set up poorly, but they had awful playability. And then it looses my interest.

And to be fair Hagström, I did buy their hardcase for my Les Paul

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