Jimmy Page Les Paul Guitar Wiring

I bought an Agile Dauntless Les Paul, some GFS ’59s and 4 push pull pots and went toi town last night. Holy cow. First off, I’ve only worked on tele style guitars before, so this was very educational for me.

So I stripped the old pickups and and electronics, kept the switch but might replace it later. Came time to replace everything and I found out the hard way that its a good idea to run the wires from the switch BEFORE putting in the pickups. Would seem obvious but I like to have fun being stupid like that.

If you ever worked with push pull pots you know how tiny the terminals are. So I had to wire the pots outside of the control cavity as much as possible before putting them in and wiring the pickups. All in all it took me from 7:00 to 12:00 to get it all wired and by that time I couldn’t test it out. Wake up this morning and thank god it all works on the first try!

Volumes split the buckers, bridge tone puts them out of phase, and neck tone puts them in series. The coil splits actually sound good. The out of phase is fun to mess with, if you turn one volume down a little it actually boosts the volume and the out of phase effect. Different sounds depending on which volume you turn down. The in series option is very bassy. Played clean it would be cool for some jazz.

So I would recommend this mod to anyone with a les paul and a ton of patience while wiring it.
The Agile is actually a good guitar. Minor finish problems, a bit heavy at around 10 pounds I’d guess, but hey it’s a les paul. wiring diagram below. Maybe I’ll take some pics of the guitar later.

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