Jimmy Page number Two les Paul Price

Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul is a replica of Jimmy Page’s main instrument.  Theprice of this Gibson Les Paul ranges from $11,100 for one fitted with new old  1275 and the Gibson Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul which was based 

Crafted from a uniquely figured two-piece Eastern maple top attached to a one-piece, solid, lightweight, genuine mahogany back, the Custom Shop Jimmy Page Number Two Les Paul follows the body lines and dimensions of the original ’59 Les Paul Standard. Neck and Headstock
The neck of the Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul is constructed from one piece, quarter-sawn, lightweight mahogany for improved strength and resonance. The Luthiers in Gibson’s Custom Shop carefully match the grains and weights of these guitars’ bodies and necks to optimize tone and sustain. Hardware
The Jimmy Page Number Two Les Paul is equipped with top of the line hardware. From the Grover tuners to the stopbar tailpiece to the period-correct “antique bell” truss rod cover, it retains and replicates every bit of its predecessor’s strength. Electronics
On this Les Paul, each of the controls’ potentiometers has been replaced with a push-pull pot for individual pickup switching functions, while two miniature push-pull DPDT switches have been mounted under the pickguard to provide additional universal switching functions.

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