Jimmy Page number Two les Paul wiring

Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul is a replica of Jimmy Page’s main instrument. It features push/pull controls for phasing, coil splitting and series/parallel wiring and Jimmy Page Custom humbucker pickups. The neck is Jimmy Page’s custom elliptical neck and comes in Page Burst finish. Jimmy Page used this in many concerts and in the studio. The price of this Gibson Les Paul ranges from $11,100 for one fitted with new old stock components to over $40,000 for a true vintage guitar signed by Jimmy Page himself. There were 25 Jimmy Page #2 guitars made that were signed and inspected by Page himself. An additional 100 guitars were given the extensive aging treatment and 200 were finished to Gibson’s VOS(vintage original spec) specs. The first 25 sold for $50,000 new when they were first released to the public by the Gibson Custom Shop. The first 25 instruments were aged by vintage-reproduction master Tom Murphy.

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