Jimmy Page Les Paul Pickguard Switches

I tried to search this, but I don’t want to plough through a dozen posts about the Jimmy Page Les Paul signature model

A friend of mine recently bought a Les Paul Standard. We are both fascinated by those two switches he had under the Scratchplate on his #2 Les Paul. And we both love those Out of Phase Sounds on The Song Remains The Same, with the Red Les Paul on Whole Lotta Love.

We reckon we can wire his Les Paul up in a similar fasion, but have the two switched on two push-pull tone or volume controls instead.

Can anyone tell me exactly what those two switched did? And if you only need two push/pull pots to replicate it?

Is there a wiring diagram around for this?

It might be that the Jimmy page signature model does this already, but i can’t equate two switches under the scratchplate to FOUR push/pull controls on the Signature model. Seems like they added some options there, which we’re not too interested in…

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