Pickups In Jimmy Page Les Paul

Do I feel like dropping $3,000 on a Gibson Les Paul? ….no…. Do I already have an Epiphone Les Paul?….yes…. Could the pickups be upgraded to give me that classic Jimmy Page tone, that takes a trebley, low gain sound, and with the magical power of Zeppelin riffs and solos, and delivers me (and you) to Valhalla?…most likely…. What pickups would you recommend? To further embattle the road to Valhalla, I’m playing through a jensen-loaded fender hot rod deluxe, with distortion toans from a byoc OD2 mosfet, a pinnacle deluxe, and an M9. When these zeppelin tribute gigs start paying off, papa will get a 2×12 marshall 1959 and a custom les paul with 10-16 radius fretboard :smileywink: What say ye?

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