Jimmy Page Les Paul Number 1 For Sale

Thread: looking for a classic les paul/jimmy page tone  AC-30 might get you close. As far as how to get ‘THAT’ sound from a Les Paul, I have no idea. Tried 1 today that was in a PRS didn’t think much of it there. The Plus  a complete history and examination of his Number One 1959 Gibson Les PaulAdditionally, there are new revelations from Joe Walsh, who sold Jimmy the Les Paul, from an  The For Sale forum is a subscription service.

Jimmy Page Les Paul Number 1

This is an extremely rare Gibson Jimmy Page Aged Les Paul Number 1!  Only 150 of these were made!  This is an exact replica of Jimmy Page’s famous number 1 Les Paul.  Every scratch and ding was recreated by Murphy!  This is one heck of a guitar.  These rarely come up for sale, so here is your chance to get your hands on one of these fantastic guitars.

Guitar is 100% original and comes with all of its original case candy.  Comes with Jimmy Page signed certificate of authenticity and all other original case candy.

There were 3 tiers of this guitar made.  25 were Murphy aged, signed, and played by Jimmy Page.  150 were Murphy aged.  There was an unlimited run of these that received the VOS treatment.  These Murphy aged number 1s rarely come up for sale. SOLD

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