Jimmy Page Les Paul Wiring Diagram

Back during Led Zeppelin’s heyday, Jimmy Page conceived a custom wiring scheme that conjured an incredible number of tones from a two-pickup Les Paul There’s a diagram here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiringdiagrams

Many years ago, I was involved in a forum thread where a player was looking for a true and correct drawing for the Jimmy Page four-push-pulls wiring set-up, as is offered on the Gibson JP Signature Model LP. The poor guy had looked high and low and found several drawings, but none seemed correct. Sez he, he finally contacted Gibson directly, and received a schematic for the set up. He then turned that schematic into a simple wiring diagram, a copy of which he e-mailed to me, essentually to “check his work.” I found his drawing to be a very good representation of this type of modification, and had posted it here for anyone else who wanted to try this four push/pull mod. Then it got sticky… Someone else claimed “proprietary rights” to the drawing, and since I could not confirm the origin of the drawing, to insure that I did not infringe on anyone’s copyrighted materials, I removed that drawing from my website. And that’s all there is to that story… That particular drawing is not available on this website.

If you check my drawings collection page, you will find some of my “original artwork” – drawings of examples of the type of mods that are included in the Jimmy Page mod – which is actually just three or four mods rolled into one scheme.

There are a few versions of the full “Jimmy Page” scheme available on the GuitarElectronics site.

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