Jimmy Page Les Paul Wiring Harness

CTS 550K Premium Custom Audio Taper Potentiometers with 9% Tolerance for both volume positions (and neck tone on JP#1 configuration). These are not your standard issue CTS pots. These premium pots are spec’d at 550K to ensure that pots meter no lower than 500K. These pots have a very responsive sweep and are metered for optimal placement in the harness.

High quality US Spec 500K Push/Pull potentiometers w/ brass shafts.
New Old Stock (NOS) Russian K40Y-9 .015/.022 or Luxe Bumblebee .015/.022 Paper in Oil Tone Capacitors.

Oxygen Free, Teflon Coated Hook-up Wire

Each harness is meticulously wired 50’s style and properly grounded with vintage correct 20AWG bus wire.

The JP#1 harness (shown in picture) allows for out of phase sound when the pickup selector is in the middle position (1 Push/Pull in the Bridge Tone Position).

The JP#3 harness has the features of JP#1, plus a push/pull in the neck tone position for splitting coils.

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